Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Food Diaries: Fancy Olive Oil

While on my way back home from a birthday dinner, I had to stop and pick up some olive oil for my hummus I wanted to make. I was planning on just stopping in at Kroger later to buy it, but I couldn't help but walk over to the international oil and vinegar store that was next to the restaurant. It wasn't the first time that I visited this establishment, I will usually drop by and just window shop when I go to the mall. They have great samples and a very friendly staff, so it is always a pleasure to walk around and taste their unique products. Since I actually needed oil this time, I thought it was a great opportunity to give them a sale.

The worst part of my visit, was that I was already stuffed from dinner. I had no intention of eating anything else for the rest of the night, so taste testing was out of the question. The courteous young lady, who was on duty, seemed to know plenty about the oil selection; I had to rely on here experience to get me something good. After chatting about flavor preferences and what I was planning on using the oil for, I ended up purchasing the Milanese Gremolata blend.

Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil
Overall, I would say I'm pretty content with my purchase. The Milanese Gremolata has a nice savory herbal aroma and flavor, but the lemon zest is just a tad bit much. After using it in my hummus recipe, I learned that I will have to reduce the amount of lemon juice as this oil brings the overall lemon flavor out a bit to much. The dip turned out good, but I will have to slightly adjust it for next time. I will have to finish up that blog post so I can post it tomorrow.

After my fancy oil experience, I have come to the conclusion that making flavored oil or vinegar might be something interesting to do. I already have a little herb and pepper garden growing, maybe I can use some of those plants to infuse some oil and experiment with flavors. I guess I will just keep it in mind and look back into it once my herbs are fully grown.

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  1. We have a wonderful store called the Oilery in Wisconsin that has a great selection of olive oils and vinegars. The Garlic is my favorite, but there are so many others, it is fun to go in and browse. I don't cook (get food poisoning every time I try), but my husband does a great job for me!