Saturday, April 12, 2014

K Is For Kale

 Man, how did we get to K so fast? This month is just flying by! Anyhow, today’s topic is kale! At first glance, this might sound like just another boring blog post about some green lettuce, but that’s where you’re wrong! You may not know this, but Kale might be just what the doctor ordered! The flavor can be fairly strong if you’re not accustomed to it, it also depends on how it is prepared and what else it is accompanied with, but the health benefits are well worth the effort!
Meet kale, your new best friend!

In recent years, kale has been given the nickname “queen of greens” because of its outstanding nutritional composition.  Kale is a GREAT source of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as many other minerals. This super food is also rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids; don’t ask me what exactly those last two things are, but I have heard they are good for you! Maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants will help your body fight off many common ailments, so Kale is a great go-to vegetable to help cover your nutritional bases!

This isn’t the first time that I have actually talked about kale; this leafy green is one of the main ingredients in my green super smoothie. If you are looking for new ways to incorporate kale and other vegetables into your diet, I would recommend giving my smoothie recipe a shot! Besides the morning smoothie, I haven’t really used kale yet in main dishes. I know how good it is for me, so I really need to find new ways to incorporate into other parts of my day!

Do you have any kale recipes that you enjoy and would like to share? I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading; the next ingredient I will be blogging about is lentils! A low in calories and high in nutrition legume!
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  1. I have not used Kale much but I agree it has possibilities.
    Could you add the share buttons on your page like twitter and fb. I checked your blog on the mobile and they do not show.