The Forgotten Art

Is it just me or is cooking becoming a lost skill? It seems like more and more people nowadays are turning to the microwave for "cooking" and either don't know how to cook or simply just don't want to cook. Aside from the shear joy of creating something with my hands, I feel that this lost interest in cooking gives me an even stronger drive to cook. And when I mean cook, I mean from scratch whenever possible. You might ask yourself, "Why would you want to make everything from scratch? It’s such hard work and takes so much time...”. Well, it’s mostly because I'm cheap... I take that back, I think food tastes better when you work for it and do it right... but price does have a part to play in this tale.

Since I just graduated college, I can hardly spare a dime. And as much as I love to eat good food, it has to be cheap good food. It seems to me that the more food I buy for myself, the more I am beginning to realize how food prices have really gotten out of hand. In my attempt to combat these snowballing prices, I follow these strategies:
  •         I buy in bulk.
  •         Make everything by hand.
  •         Use coupons and buy on sale.
  •         Grow/raise as much as I possibly can.
As our paychecks continue to shrink, and prices continue to rise, let us do our best in making a good meal and saving a couple bucks. I hope I can do my part in keeping this forgotten art alive and well, and that I can help you bring this art form back into your home.

-Mr. McLovin

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