Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Is For Iceberg Lettuce

If you have ever eaten out at a restaurant and were served a salad, then you probably know all about this leafy green. Growing up, I was never one for salads. Whenever we would eat out, I always ordered the coleslaw, and I would never opt in for the salad at home if it was provided. Over the course of the last couple years though, that has all changed. Ever since I stayed at my aunt’s house for a bit, I now eat a nice salad with every meal. It seems like everyone loves to bash iceberg lettuce, I have to admit that there are healthier greens in the produce section, but it does contain some nutrients and it has its benefits!

Did you know that one cup of iceberg lettuce contains 53% of your vitamin A needs? Besides being a great source of vitamin A, this popular green also contains fiber, vitamin K and C. It also has great water content, which is perfect for those hot summer days when you may be slightly dehydrated. Of course the greener varieties of lettuce provide a better mix of vitamins and minerals, but we can’t deny the fact that iceberg lettuce is still the most popular choice for salads and sandwiches; probably because of its compact heads, crisp texture and semi-sweet flavor.

When it comes to salads, I have somewhat strange eating habits. While most people will start their meal with a salad, I prefer to finish with a salad. I have never been too keen on deserts, so a salad will suffice most days of the week. Also, I only like a little bit of dressing. My sister loves to have a bit of lettuce with her ½ cup of ranch dressing, I find that utterly disgusting and might be the reason why I only put enough to cover my greens.

So what would you say is your favorite condiment for salads? As much as I enjoy sweet vinaigrette, I love sprinkling shredded cheese on top. A salad is only as boring as your imagination, so I hope you never get tired of those tasty greens!

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  1. I prefer Iceberg lettuce to all others. I eat it as it is ripping great chunks off whenever I want a quick snack instead of reaching for some less healthy thing. I like it in salad and I tend to use a Thai salad dressing these days if I use a dressing at all. A Vietnamese dipping sauce makes a delicious and light salad dressing too. Iceberg lettuce is more versatile and less bitter than the trendy greens in those ridiculous art house salads that are only for decoration and not to be eaten. Give me iceberg any day. :)

  2. Sounds like you have the right idea! I usually end up using iceberg for most of my salads, but I actually prefer a good mix of spinach and other dark greens. :-)

  3. Salads are the go to food always. I even mix mine with sprouts and little bits of all possible vegetables.
    Nice blog.